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Project Description


Shower cabins manufactured with GRP technology are suitable for the construction of huts, mobile homes, campers and similar premises. They can be installed where the walls susceptible to water, if there’s no finishing in the room, or where the room is not heated during winter. Installation of sewage pipe doesn’t need to be let into the floor.

The cabin is made of solid material, the bottom is together with the walls, so it is absolutely sealed. Built on eight-adjustable legs and can be mounted to the wall using screws or riveted to the floor and walls. In the cabin a trap is installed which can be cleaned from the top, faucet, shower holders, various shelves are also installed if necessary. Cabin measurements: 750x850x2200. Siphon type in use: D90


  • Corner shower

  • Rectangular shower cabin


Usually a faucet and a shower handle is fitted to the shower compartment. The standard location is is marked in the drawing. The shower has a quick release D90 drain trap. Because the shower mat is lifted from the ground, sewer and water pipes do not necessarily have to be under the floor or in the wall. This allows for a more convenient access to the siphon, and on the front of the shower there is a wide service cover.

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The cabin has height-adjustable legs. It can be mounted with screws to the wall or rivets to the floor and walls.

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Shower surface is non-sticking, resistant to dirt and hygienic, therefore does not require special care. The surface is cleaned under the same means as acrylic baths. Do not use abrasive cleaners. If the surface was scratched, it can be polished with a soft cotton cloth and polishing paste. Shower trap is designed in such a way that ir could be easily cleaned from top.

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Sometimes you have to access the sewer siphon from the outside. In such a case the cabin on the front has a service hole, closed with a cover. Cover is attached with screws, so it is easy to remove. Large service hole makes it easy to carry out maintenance work.

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