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Ramplastas.lt – “Elektros investicija” Ltd

                         … is a non-standard glassfiber product manufacturing company, our products are always sold in various quantities for each client considering the templates, drawings and other needs. We can design and make a prototype, make molds for each part and manufacture products quickly, cheaply and qualitatively in accordance with customer orders.


Our range of production covers boats, paddles, chairs and stadium benches, shower cabins and sinks for modular houses, hot tubs and more.

We use only high quality, certified materials made in Finland, Norway, England and France. This ensures quality and durability. If you are interested in our products, our work or our projects in general – please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.



GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is becoming increasingly popular alternative to metal, aluminium or wood. Products made from this material boasts extreme durability and their use in the age range from 50 to 100 years.

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GRP is an innovative substance due to its low weight, resistance to corrosion, chemicals, price and quality ratio. Uses for regular glass fiber include mats and fabrics for thermal insulation, electrical insulation, sound insulation, high-strength fabrics or heat- and corrosion-resistant fabrics. It is also used to reinforce various materials, such as tent poles, pole vault poles, arrows, bows and crossbows, translucent roofing panels, automobile bodies, hockey sticks, surfboards, boat hulls, and paper honeycomb. It has been used for medical purposes in casts. Glass fiber is extensively used for making FRP tanks and vessels. Open-weave glass fiber grids are used to reinforce asphalt pavement. Non-woven glass fiber/polymer blend mats are used saturated with asphalt emulsion and overlaid with asphalt, producing a waterproof, crack-resistant membrane. Use of glass-fiber reinforced polymer rebar instead of steel rebar shows promise in areas where avoidance of steel corrosion is desired.


For manufacturing and repair we only use high quality, certified materials produced in Finland, Norway, England, France. This ensures product quality and durability.

The company designs, manufactures and repairs products from polyester plastic. We can design and make a prototype, make molds for each part and manufacture products quickly, cheaply and qualitatively in accordance with customer orders.

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Water well covers

Our water well covers are lightweight and strong. They are made to cover wells from the outside and also to decorate them. They are strong enough hold a person if one should get on it. Resistant to weather […]


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Hot us

The bathing tubs are manufactured in 3 colours – grey (RAL7015), blue (RAL5012) and pure white. Currently we manufacture 7 models for internal, external and integrated heaters, with cover or without. […]




Shower cabins manufactured with GRP technology are suitable for the construction of huts, mobile homes, campers and similar premises. They can be installed where the walls susceptible to water, if there’s […]


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The boats are made of composite materials: epoxy and polyester resins and glass fabrics, fillers. According to the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) technology made ships have low weight, increased strength, […]


We use Ramplastas Ltd. manufactured fiber glass hot tubs in our business for few years now. These products are high quality and rigid. I would describe Ramplastas Ltd. as responsible and professional manufacturer. I believe we will continue our successful partnership.

Karolis Šlivinskas

When we were in need for non standard fiberglass parts we quoted multiple manufacturers. Ramplastas Ltd. offered the best terms of all of them. When we received ordered parts we were satisfied as it was exactly what we needed. We recommend this manufacturer.

Regimantas Beržinskas


Every client is valuable to us, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or query. You can email us using the form bellow (we will answer you as soon as possible) or simply call given phone numbers. We speak Lithuanian, English and Russian.

Ramplastas.lt production address
Lapyno g. 5,
Samylų k., LT-53151 Kauno r. sav., Lithuania
Company director: +370 67967420 (Lithuanian or English)
Foreign export: +370 69008010 (Lithuanian)
Email: sales@ramplastas.lt